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30 Days of Gratitude: #12

#12 What texture are you grateful for?

Hmmm…this is an interesting one. I’ve never given it much thought. I’m grateful I still have my sense of touch.

I guess if I really thought about it, it would have to be the smoothness of a piano keyboard that’s the texture I’m grateful for.

I had my first piano lesson at age 4. By the time I was 14, I’d completed Grade 8 of the ABRSM system. We’re talking about me tickling those ivories up to 4 hours a day, every day, for 10 years. Practice makes perfect, right? ūüėČ

Well, they do say that in order for anyone to be good at anything, you need at least 10,000 hours of practice. Practise, practise, practise!

My father then decided I should pursue Music as a career, and pushed me to doing Music at Diploma level. Which I dutifully did, and then later at University level. 

And then I spread my wings and flew away. I did my own thing, tried things my own way. I decided that I should at least make my own mistakes, tread outside the carefully laid out path before me, test the waters, find out what else the world had to offer.

And yes, I fell off the bandwagon, got lost in the wilderness, went off track. Well, by Society’s norms anyway. 

And yet I’m grateful to The Universe for everything that has happened to me thus far, everything that I’ve experienced and will experience. For I now know that The Universe truly always has my back and my best interest at heart. Every experience, whether good or bad, is a lesson to be learnt, and if I failed to learn the lesson the first time, why then surely I’ll find myself facing it again sometime soon. 

And so on and so forth, until I’ve mastered the lesson. 

Quite a bit like practising the piano, actually. Practise, practise, practise!

So yeah, you could say that the texture I’m most grateful for is the feel of a piano keyboard underneath my fingers. For that’s how I started out, and that’s how I learnt about the benefits of “Practice makes perfect”. It’s been years since I last played the piano, but I reckon it’s like riding a bicycle. Muscles have great memories.

Of course, in some aspects of my life I’m still practising. And perhaps I’ll always be practising something or the other. Such is Life, right ūüėČ.


Mad World

‚ÄčDepending on which country you’re in, and which moghul empire runs the Media Circus, you’ll have heard one side or the other of so-called “current affairs” aka “The News”. You’ll have been fed exactly the type of propaganda the Elite need for you to start sowing the seeds of discord amongst yourselves. Neighbour against neighbour. Parents against children. Race. Religion. Sexual Orientation. Gender. Age. Etc etc. 

United we stand. Divided we profit the Elite. 

Meanwhile, the rich get richer off the backs of the working classes. We are no longer born free, but rather into a lifetime of servitude to the Almighty God called “Money”. The same God sometimes goes by the innocent sounding names of “Progress”, “Industry”, “Retail”, “Sales”, and the not-so innocent sounding names of “Profit”, “Greed”, “Consumerism” and “Materialism”. Different countries have different colloquial names for it too – “Dollar”, “Pound” etc. 

It’s all the same thing. A diversionary tactic. Like War. 

Instead of Humanity standing together, helping each other, working for the greater good, we, our forebears before us, and our children after us, are taught the value of Money. From school age we learn that it’s best to study hard and get good grades, so we can then later study harder and get better grades and become doctors, scientists, engineers…”Useful People”…so that we can then earn lots of Money, buy lots of houses, cars, yachts, holidays abroad etc…and then spend lots of time working and working to pay it off again. 

And if you’re poor and penniless, it must mean you either flunked school, lost your job, are too lazy and never worked in your life, are retarded, are sponging off social security benefits, gambled it all, lost it all on bad investments. Shame on you, being a burden to the rest of Society!

Only, it’s never that cut and dried. There are a myriad of reasons for people struggling to make ends meet. But the Haves would rather slap one label on the Have Nots and turn their backs, than spend another minute wondering how they could help raise up their fellow humans. If only they could spare that precious minute thinking up ways to help the homeless, the poor and destitude, if only they would think about others rather than themselves…

But no…we live in this Mad World. The lyrics of the pop song “Mad World” are posted here, because they are very relevant to today’s Society. Perhaps we could learn a bitter lesson or two.

Apathy and Ignorance are no longer valid excuses. Wake Up!

(Image source: Google)

Watch this video of the song Mad World, featuring Gary Jules.


Tears For Fears (Gary Jules) ‚Äď Mad World 

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
And their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I want to drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
‘Cause I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very
Mad world

Children waiting for the day they feel good
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Made to feel the way that every child should
Sit and listen, sit and listen
Went to school and I was very nervous
No one knew me, no one knew me
Hello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
Look right through me, look right through me

And I find it kind of funny
I find it kind of sad
The dreams in which I’m dying
Are the best I’ve ever had
I find it hard to tell you
‘Cause I find it hard to take
When people run in circles
It’s a very, very
Mad world


Awesome video! And based on fact, not fiction. Science meets Music meets WOW!


Cymatics is the study of visible sound. It was first pioneered by Dr Hans Jenny, a Swiss scientist. Today there are a growing number of fans and proponents of this fascinating new(ish) genre in music. Nigel Stanford is an electronic musician based in New Zealand, who specialises in trance and ambient music. The video above of Nigel’s, which I first saw on a friend’s Facebook wall, ably demonstrates the physical manifestation of music. Also remember to check out and download Nigel’s other tracks.


Here’s Wikipedia’s definition of Cymatics:

Cymatics is exciting, as it is happening Right Now. And it continues to be researched and developed by different people from different walks of life, each with an aim of their own – scientists, mathematicians, visual artists, musicians. And when everything comes together, that’s when pure Magic happens.

Happy Christmas, everyone! May 2015 bring all your dreams and aspirations to fruition.


The World Is Coming To An End

I must admit I’ve never been a great fan of rap. Eminem spoiled it for me, with his messages of crime, violence and drugs. But having said that, I guess I haven’t heard enough rap to really form an opinion. Because now, after watching this video, I realise rap can be a powerful way to convey positive messages of Hope and Love too. I stand happily corrected.

Please take the time to watch this very powerful video by rapper and activist Richard Williams aka Prince Ea. Listen to the words, and Be The Change. Share it! Namast√©.🙇


And even if you haven’t got time to watch the video, at least pay heed to the very meaningful words. Here’s the transcript of the lyrics, from Prince Ea’s website:

The world is coming to an end
The air is polluted, the oceans contaminated
The animals are going extinct, the economy’s collapsed
Education is shot, police are corrupt
Intelligence is shunned and ignorance rewarded
The people are depressed and angry
We can’t live with each other and we can’t live with ourselves
So everyone’s medicated
We pass each other on the streets
And if we do speak it’s meaningless robotic communication
More people want 15 seconds of fame
Than a lifetime of meaning and purpose
Because what’s popular is more important than what’s right
Ratings are more important than the truth
Our government builds twice as many prisons than schools
It’s easier to find a Big Mac than an apple
And when you find the apple
It’s been genetically processed and modified
Presidents lie, politicians trick us
Race is still an issue and so is religion
Your God doesn’t exist, my God does and he is All-Loving
If you disagree with me I’ll kill you
Or even worse argue you to death
92% of songs on the radio are about sex
Kids don’t play tag, they play twerk videos
The average person watches 5 hours of television a day
And it’s more violence on the screen than ever before
Technology has given us everything we could ever want
And at the same time stolen everything we really need
Pride is at an all time high, humility, an all time low
Everybody knows everything, everybody’s going somewhere
Ignoring someone, blaming somebody
Not many human beings left anymore, a lot of human doings
Plenty of human lingerings in the past, not many human beings
Money is still the root of all evil
Yet we tell our kids don’t get that degree
The jobs don’t pay enough
Good deeds are only done when there’s a profit margin
Videos of the misfortunes of others go viral
We laugh and share them with our friends to laugh with us
Our role models today
60 years ago would have been examples of what not to be
There are states where people can legally be discriminated against Because they were born a certain way
Companies invest millions of dollars hiring specialists to make Little girls feel like they need ‚Äúmake up‚ÄĚ to be beautiful Permanently lowering their self esteem
Because they will never be pretty enough
To meet those impossible standards
Corporations tell us buy, buy, buy, get this, get that
You must keep up, you must fit in
This will make you happy, but it never does for long
So what can we do in the face of all of this madness and chaos?
What is the solution? We can love
Not the love you hear in your favorite song on the radio
I mean real love, true love, boundless love
You can love, love each other
From the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed
Perform an act of kindness because that is contagious
We can be mindful during every interaction
Planting seeds of goodness
Showing a little more compassion than usual
We can forgive
Because 300 years from now will that grudge you hold against Your friend, your mother, your father have been worth it?
Instead of trying to change others we can change ourselves
We can change our hearts
We have been sold lies
Brainwashed by our leaders and those we trust
To not recognize our brothers and sisters
And to exhibit anger, hatred and cruelty
But once we truly love we will meet anger with sympathy
Hatred with compassion, cruelty with kindness
Love is the most powerful weapon on the face of the Earth
Robert Kennedy once said that
Few will have the greatness to bend history
But each of us can work to change a small portion of events
And in the total of all those acts
Will be written in the history of a generation
So yes, the world is coming to an end
And the path towards a new beginning starts within you


My new friend Ryan

I made a new friend today. Not a virtual one on Facebook or Twitter or any other social media sites, but a real life person.

I was at my local Rockingham Hungry Jack’s (those of you in Europe and America will know this as Burger King) having breakfast, when I noticed a young man with a violin case and a huge backpack just settling into the seat opposite. So I struck up a conversation with him, as I was intrigued about the violin and the backpack.

His name is Ryan Langley. He’s 22 and hails from Port Angeles, right on the border between the USA and Canada. Take the ferry across the water and you’ll be in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. For “Twilight” afficionados, Port Angeles is the town near Forks, where Bella goes to that esoteric bookshop, gets waylaid later by some youths, is rescued by Edward and ends up having dinner with him at a restaurant.

My new friend Ryan is trying to work his way back home by busking. It’s halfway around the world, from one WA (Washington state) to another WA (Western Australia). He has 3 months to get together his airfare home, but he’s going to see as much of Western Australia as he can meanwhile…on a shoestring budget.

Ryan is into sailing and already has his Captain’s licence. He hopes one day to have his own boat and to sail from one WA to another WA.

Having travelled around the region where Ryan intends to visit, I was able to highlight for him several unmissable tourist attractions and towns where he could busk.


This is Ryan’s map of WA showing the train and coach routes down the southern corridor. Among the sites he intends to visit are the Dolphin Discovery Centre in Bunbury, Busselton Jetty, Hamelin Bay, the Margaret River region, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta, the Diamond Tree, Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree and Gloucester Tree in Pemberton, the Treetop Walk in Denmark, and the historic port city of Albany.

I bought Ryan lunch at our local shopping mall. Before that, I brought him to Dick Smith to get a US-AUS adapter for his laptop, as he hadn’t been able to charge his laptop since landing in WA a week ago.


When it transpired that his DSLR camera was broken and he didn’t have a mobile phone or any other visual way of recording his travels, I brought Ryan to JB HiFi and bought him a basic Olympus camera and an 8GB SD card. (It may be “basic” but it boasted a 14 MP camera, nothing to sniff about). You just can’t go to places that you’ll probably never go to again, without being able to capture the moment.

I then put Ryan on the bus to the railway station, so he could catch the train to Mandurah, the next stop on his journey.

What a lovely chappie he is. I hope he keeps in touch with me, so I can share his journey vicariously with yourselves! Bookmark me to keep updated. If you wish to donate money towards Ryan’s airfare home, drop me a line.




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Coincidence, or Serendipity …or, the search for That Green Dress.

Isn’t Life funny? ¬†Just the other day the kid and I were channel surfing on Foxtel, when we came across the Australian film “Goddess“. ¬†In a nutshell, it’s the story of Elspeth Dickens, who used to sing at gigs in England but who has now followed her husband James to a remote outpost in Tasmania, along with little twin boys. ¬†While James is off recording whale songs, away for months at a time, she’s left at home bored with playing the dutiful housewife. ¬†One day she decides to rig up a webcam in her kitchen and record her “kitchen sink songs”…never realising that the world would be tuning in and watching her antics. ¬†Never mind that she has gorgeous, dark looks like Nigella Lawson, and in one scene wears a beautiful dark green wrap-round dress with tabbed-up sleeves (that I’ve been desperately trying to find out more about, but have so far failed … if anyone knows where I can buy THAT dress, I’ll be eternally grateful!!), the girl can sing!

I’m placing Laura and Nigella side by side here, with my prediction that when they eventually make a film about the life of Nigella, it will be Laura who plays her. ¬†You can see why, can’t you?

Nigella Lawson
Nigella Lawson
Laura Michelle Kelly
Laura Michelle Kelly

The wonderful Laura Michelle Kelly plays Elle (Elspeth), and the gorgeous¬†Ronan Keating plays her whale-watcher husband Jimmy (James). ¬†There is a beautiful song that Laura sings with Ronan, in a music-video-within-a-film scene, where the estranged couple are singing out their hearts’ anguish. The title of the song? ¬†“Frozen Heart”.

Just the other day, I brought the kid to the cinema to watch Disney’s animated movie “Frozen“. ¬†For a second, I was worried that Disney’s feel-good, family fun films might prove too childish for his 11-year-old sensibilities. ¬†But I needn’t have worried. ¬†“Frozen” has to be Disney’s best animated film of the year 2013. ¬†I was moved to tears throughout the entire film. ¬†Bravo, Disney! ¬†The music is so fresh, original and wonderful that right after the movie, I went and bought the soundtrack… which I have since then found, is heading to topple the soundtrack of Titanic as longest No.1 run for a soundtrack. ¬†http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/frozen-targeting-longest-no-1-682543

Told you I had a good ear for great music! ūüėČ

But anyhow, the reason I’ve been compelled to write this post is simply to point out the coincidence, or call it serendipity if you will, of that one duet from “Goddess” and the theme for “Frozen”. ¬†The duet’s title is “Frozen Heart”. ¬†In the movie “Frozen”, Queen Elsa inadvertently sends a shard of frozen ice into the heart of her sister the Princess Anna, and only “an act of true love, can melt a frozen heart”.

There is a character in “Frozen” called Olaf. ¬†He’s a snowman. ¬†Don’t get me started on Olaf…he’s not terribly bright, but his heart is in the right place, and he comes out with the sweetest lines. ¬†He wouldn’t think twice of giving up his life to save Princess Anna. He even likes the whole idea of Summer, even though it will mean the end of him. ¬†Silly sod… but if you’ve watched the film, you’ll love Olaf too.

Here is THAT Green Dress that I love, can anyone help me find out who designed it, or where I can buy one like it? ¬†I’m throwing this one out there into the world…someone please answer my prayers!

Elspeth's Green Dress in Goddess
Elspeth’s Green Dress in Goddess

P/s: (added 26th Feb 2014)
I found this YouTube video of the song “Frozen Heart”, sung by Laura Michelle Kelly and Ronan Keating, and thought I’d share it here with you. It’s MY song at the moment.

Frozen Heart

Something Completely New For A Change

I’m a Classically trained Musician, having studied Music at degree level at University. That was, oh, half a lifetime ago.¬†And, to be honest, I have never gotten a job where my First Class (Hons) Music Degree was a requisite.¬†Instead, I worked as a Civil Servant in the UK, and then later in the Retail Banking sector.

It was only after I met my husband, Geoff, who creates music as ElectroCelt, back in 2009, that I came back to the world of Music. Geoff had set up his studio in the conservatory of the house I was renting in Ireland, when he moved in with me. Most days he would be sitting at his computers all day creating sequences, or playing on his synthesisers or electric guitars. As for me, my involvement was as a Musical Director/Editor. I helped shape ElectroCelt’s music, giving it structure and form, phrasing, melody and harmony, and calling upon my Classical training and knowledge. It was in Shanballybaun, County Leitrim, Ireland, that ElectroCelt’s album “Strange Elements” was born, and that album had a tremendous lot of input from me.

This week, I happened to stumble upon a mention of a Remix contest run by the famous film score composer, Hans Zimmer, and Bleeding Fingers, called the “Bleeding Fingers Contest”. ¬†Hans Zimmer had posted on the contest site¬†10 “stems” of music, for various instruments, and the call was for musicians to remix the tracks any way they wanted.

Calling all composers! This original theme created exclusively for this contest by Mr. Zimmer himself is yours to replay, recompose or revise to your heart‚Äôs content. Below you‚Äôll find a link to the theme plus everything you need to get the creative juices flowing. We‚Äôre looking for originality, curveballs and adventurous amphonics. Submissions should be 90 to 120 seconds in length and should include the words “Bleeding Fingers Contest” in the title of your track.

The prize?

The opportunity of a lifetime to become a Bleeding Fingers staff composer working along-side some of Hollywood’s premier film and tv composers on Hans Zimmer’s World famous Los Angeles campus.

The prize includes the opportunity for full-time employment, including a full benefits package, plus the use of a fully equipped studio in Bleeding Fingers brand new state of the art facility. The three lucky finalists will be announced on or before March 20, 2014.

Now, I’m not terribly proficient with the workings of such DAWs like Reason, or indeed Garageband, but I know the basics of it, from having done recording, editing, cutting and pasting on them while working on ElectroCelt’s music. So, I was willing to give the contest a whirl. Why not, as some people I knew were making a whole song and dance out of it?! ¬†Literally. ¬†I had no inclination to start creating music from scratch, but seeing as Hans Zimmer had already kindly provided 10 tracks that I could edit to my heart’s content, why ever not? I knew how to record music from Geoff’s iRig keyboard, how to create new tracks and modify the voices of instruments, I had the basics all right there.¬†I went for it.

The contest closes on 19th February 2014, so I have a few more days to create more tracks if I want to. But right now, I’ve done 2 tracks in Reason, and 1 in Garageband, for the sheer hell of it. Here they are, I hope you enjoy listening to them.

The first track I named “BUGLE’S LAST REFRAIN

The second track is called “CHORALE

The third track (Garageband) is titled “MELISMA“.

TO PLAY THE TRACKS, SIMPLY CLICK ON THE TITLES.  Thanks for listening! Oh, and if you can, please Vote for my tracks!


ADDENDUM 10th Feb 2014:

I’ve just added a 4th remixed track, this time the title is “ECHOES OF DESTINY“. Enjoy!

ADDENDUM 13th Feb 2014:

Here is my 5th remixed track, entitled “UTOPIAN ENCOUNTERS“. ¬†Please vote for my tracks!

And my 6th track, (I’m on a roll lol!), titled “TRIBAL HARMONY“. ¬†I hope you like it!

The Question of Copyright

First of all, I am not a lawyer, so what you’re about to read is based on my own observations and understanding of the law. I won’t profess to be an expert on this subject, and it is a very complex subject indeed, however, I have done some research for my own knowledge, and maybe what I’ve learnt might be of some use to you too. I’m talking about Copyright Law, in relation to photographers and artists.

We’ve all done it before, whether we care to admit it or not. Back when Napster was out and about, I too was happily “sharing” music files with other users, whilst not understanding the implications of file sharing someone else’s hard work for free. Well, I wasn’t so much “sharing” as I was “downloading” music files for my own library, but the result is the same to the poor artist. Haha, now the shoe’s on the other foot, as I find my own artistic works being used by others without my express permission and without remuneration. I’m sure many of you have experienced this at least once – you’re minding your own business as usual, and suddenly out of the blue, you notice your artwork being used by someone else. It may just be as their profile photo for Facebook, or you recognise just a part of your work in a larger piece of Art that they are passing off as their own, or they might have even used your work wholesale without crediting you or asking for your permission first. Or, even worse, they are claiming to be the artist!

When I was growing up, I learnt my Ps and Qs diligently, and I know it is only plain courtesy before using someone else’s work or idea, to ASK first. You wouldn’t drive someone else’s car without first obtaining their permission, right? ¬†Well, if you would, then you have no morals and it’s stealing, shame on you! ¬†Same with art, music, poetry, books, ideas etc. If it’s someone else’s work, please don’t just help yourself, ask the person, and chances are they might only be too happy to say yes, anyway.

My own personal experience came from Facebook. Every now and then I create digital photography artwork for my husband Geoff aka ElectroCelt. He uses these “visuals” to signal or tag a new track or album coming out. ¬†One of his “friends” on Facebook decided, possibly in an attempt to impress ElectroCelt, that he would take one or two of my “visuals” and alter them to his own whims, and then present them back to Geoff as his own work. I happened to chance upon this person’s offering one day on Geoff’s Facebook Wall, and decided to challenge him. Instead of apologising for 1) using my images without first seeking my express permission, 2) using my images without crediting me as the artist, and 3) taking and using my images and altering them so as to look different, he said (and these are his very words, I kid you not): “I merely took your images and improved them”‚Ķthe cheek!!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I asked this person to kindly remove his images from Facebook, or at least to give credit to me as the artist. At first he wouldn’t budge, and only after I threatened to sue him for breach of copyright (not knowing a jot about it myself, then‚Ķbut hey, it sounded good and kosher!), did he take them off Facebook.

This article by attorney Sara Hawkins is US-law based, but is equally relevant to other countries. It explains the meaning of “fair use” and outlines 5 important things to consider before using someone else’s work. ¬†http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/copyright-fair-use-and-how-it-works-for-online-images/

Read also this article, again by Sara Hawkins, which explains how simply giving the artist a “shout out” while using their image may not be enough and may still infringe copyright. If in doubt, assume that every photo you see is copyrighted, and ASK the ARTIST for permission first.¬†http://lifehacker.com/5992419/the-best-ways-to-be-sure-youre-legally-using-online-photos

Here is a link to some famous, or infamous, cases of breach of copyright.  Even well-known artists have been caught out.  http://99designs.com/designer-blog/2013/04/19/5-famous-copyright-infringement-cases/

And here is a mother lode of information that you will undoubtedly thank me profusely for. ¬†Again, it’s based on US law, but it will be mostly relevant no matter which country you live in. ¬†If you read nothing else in this post, read everything in this list: ¬†http://painting.about.com/od/copyrightforartistsfaq/

And this useful link for explaining how Creative Commons Licenses work, to help you decide what level of protection you’d want for your work.¬†http://creativecommons.org/licenses/

Now, what about the use of clipart and stickers? This question is particularly relevant to mobile photography artists who use Apps to process their iPhone/Android phone photos. Who owns the copyright of those cute little clipart hearts and bunnies? A couple of years ago, I did email several App developers who offered clipart and stickers on their Apps, to find out‚Ķbut sadly never heard back from any of them. So, I can only assume that A) the developers drew their own images, or B) they first obtained the permission of the originator of the clipart or it was royalty free, or C) they didn’t bother to ask and just used them anyway. I’m going to give them the benefit of doubt and go for option B.

Dover Publications is my favourite source for clipart at present‚ĶDover specialises in royalty-free images, however, there is a caveat to be aware of when using their clipart. It’s not worded terribly well, and is confusing‚Ķbut I believe it goes something like “you can use up to 10 images from one publication in one project, any more than 10 and you need to pay for each additional image and/or ask Dover for permission”. Read about it here:¬†http://miniatures.about.com/od/miniaturebasics/gr/dovercd.htm

Tenori-On Song “3468” by AlyZen Moonshadow

3468 is a play on the time signatures 3/4 and 6/8. I’ve always liked how 3+3=6 but also 2+2+2=6 as well. And when juxtaposed against each other, these create unique sound patterns. Just when you think you have it pegged though, this piece comes round and bites you in the arse! I call this my “Time Expansion” piece. About halfway through you can hear a melodic fragment seemingly floating over the rest of the other voices. If you listen carefully, you will also realise that underneath it all, the piece is actually in 4/4 time. Go figure!


I loved the music of Leonard Bernstein’s “West Side Story” as a teenager, and remember how immensely pleased I was to crack the “code” that formed the basis of my favourite song “America” from the musical.


The chorus lyrics go like this:

I like to be in America
Okay by me in America
Everything free in America
For a small fee in America

Here’s the breakdown:

“I-like-to-be-in-A” is in 1 e & 2 e & or 6/8 meter, while
“me-ri-ca” is in 1 & 2 & 3 & or 3/4 meter.

See, the strange thing is that my teachers in school thought I was hopeless at Maths, and yet I am well able to divide and conquer LOL!

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Tenori-On song “Rose” by AlyZen Moonshadow

This is quite an old song I composed back in 2010, which I played at an ElectroCelt gig in Dublin in June 2010. ¬†It was recorded live, however alas we’ve never received a copy of the recording from the friend who captured everything on tape. ¬†So I’ve decided to record it myself on Garageband and load it to my Soundcloud account instead.

I was inspired by the character Rose, from Doctor Who. ¬†Rose is played by Billie Piper alongside David Tennant’s 10th Doctor. ¬†In my eyes, David Tennant is and will always be MY Doctor Who. ¬†Rose was the perfect foil for the Doctor, and theirs is the most heart-wrenching love story ever. ¬†I’m so glad Doctor Donna (Catherine Tate), another favourite character, created the Human Doctor who in the end was reunited with Rose in the alternate world. ¬†A beautiful twist indeed.


All sounds were programmed solely on the Yamaha Tenori-On, no post-editing on DAWs or EQ-ing or computer manipulation.  This might sound constrained to seasoned electronic musicians who have a large arsenal of synths or DAWs at their disposal, but I actually relish the restrictions.  I hope you enjoy listening to this track and will follow me on Soundcloud, as there will be more tracks loaded soon!