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I’m seeing Raccoons…

Sometimes, strange things happen that make you sit up and pay attention. Mostly it’s patterns – once I noticed 3 women with casts on their right legs, all in the same town as I was cycling around. Another time there seemed an inordinate number of pregnant ladies around. Then there were the 4 men in the same t-shirt in various different locations. Sometimes it’s numbers – repetitions of 2, or sequences like 7171, or I wake up at 3:33am, 4:44am etc.

Today it was Raccoons.

1. First, a friend on Facebook posted up some photos of her visit to a Birds Of Prey centre in Ireland. One of the photos showed her petting a raccoon. I especially noticed it because raccoons are not native to Ireland, and besides, it was a Birds of Prey centre.

2. Another friend on Facebook posted up a video of a raccoon stealing the cats’ food. http://youtu.be/FTcjzaqL0pE

3. Yet another friend posted this up. “Raccoons are Awesome” http://youtu.be/jlYKZmTvzi0

4. Here’s another raccoon related post I saw just before bedtime last night.


Too many raccoons to be a coincidence. So I looked up Raccoon in Steven D. Farmer’s “Power Animal Oracle Cards”. I wasn’t familiar with the deck, having only received it 3 days ago. So I wasn’t sure if there would be a Raccoon card in it.

But there was! And it said “You have all the RESOURCES you need”.

I’m taking this as a sign that my Oracle Cards and Lenormand Cards projects, which are running concurrently, are achievable. I’ve done enough research into the logistics and practicalities, and I’ve also created some of the cards already, on my smartphone.

Either that, or Facebook is testing out some new algorhithm on its users, and bombarding images of raccoons here and there, for people to pick up and share.

And now…just to seal the deal, I’m off to watch Resident Evil on DVD, not sure which one from the 4 movies, but I like them all. Oh hey, guess what…it revolves around wait for it…Raccoon City! 😄


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Pattern Observer

For those of you interested in designing and printing wallpapers, or indeed any kind of surface design, Pattern Observer is an invaluable resource. I cannot praise it highly enough. It offers an insight into the burgeoning surface pattern design industry, you can subscribe to their regular email updates (I do), join their Textile Design Lab to enter into discussion with fellow likeminded artists, keep up to date with the latest news and trends in the industry. There are even e-courses you can sign up for to improve and hone your designing skills, learn new techniques and improve your own sales and marketing.

If you are the least bit serious about becoming a surface pattern designer, or even if you just want to investigate the ins and outs of surface design before you decide, you simply MUST join or follow Pattern Observer.

I love the layout of the blog, which can be used as a launchpad to visit other areas of the Pattern Observer microcosmos, all neatly organised and categorised for your benefit. Use the drop down menu there and you’ll see what I mean.

Pattern Observer can also be found on Facebook. So you can keep abreast of the latest news without even having to leave your favourite social media platform.

One of the many highlights of following Pattern Observer is that each week a different artist is showcased, providing insight into their processes, techniques, business practice, etc. Very useful and inspiring for aspiring designers.

Here I’m simply posting the links to bring together Parts 1 and 2 of Pattern Observer’s primers on wallpaper printing techniques through the ages. A potted history, if you will, for your enjoyment.



For those wanting to take the guesswork out of designing pattern repeats, check out Pattern Observer’s 5 week self-study e-course, The Ultimate Guide to Repeats. Be aware though, this course assumes some prior knowledge of, and experience with, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

(Photo taken from the blog’s “About” page shows Pattern Observer founder Michelle Fifis and her family.)

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Artist Inspiration – ANGIE LEWIN

Last year, I got it into my head that I wanted to learn about textile design, specifically how to print seamless repeated patterns. The subject was as obscure to me then as the Tibetan language, but I bought myself several books on textile designs and digital printing, and away I went down the rabbit hole. I marked my progress by recording my experiments here on my WordPress blog, more for my own reference than for anything else…you can see my explorations in the 30 posts titled “Not Quite Photoshop…but close”.

Months later, I’m pleased to report that whilst I still fumble about in the dark with Photoshop, I now know a good thing or three about creating repeat patterns using only my Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 10.1 and iPad2, along with iOS and Android Apps. And I’m glad I went through all those months of research and experimentation, because it led me to discover the wonderful works of ANGIE LEWIN.

Angie Lewin’s work is right about where I would like to be now, creatively speaking.  She uses wood engraving, linocut, silkscreen, lithograph and collage, and her subjects are drawn from Nature and include seedheads, dried seaweed, seed pods, grasses and feathers. Angie is an Art school graduate, with a firm grounding in drawing and illustration. She also runs a fabric design business with her husband, called St Jude’s Fabrics.

Here are some links to Angie’s work in interior design settings and as greeting cards, to whet your appetite. If you are a budding mobile photographer/artist, take a leaf (haha, pun!) from Angie’s book (in more ways than one) and aspire towards her level of perfection!





All of which I find very inspiring, as it is my fondest wish to see my own creative output on cards, posters, bedlinen, curtains, rugs, china etc etc. I’m sure you will be inspired by Angie’s work too!



I will leave you here with some examples of Angie’s work, taken from Angie’s book “Plants and Places”, which is available on Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.com and The Book Depository. I have it on order, and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

ANGIE LEWIN 305671_501829546502953_1733013205_n 542650_501829679836273_645078713_n 396351_501829513169623_1146589934_n