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Freebies : Kantha close-ups

I’m gifting my 3rd Kantha scarf (see previous post) to a dear friend in Ireland. I won’t have the physical scarf anymore, but I did take a number of photos and close-ups of it hanging from my orange tree, for posterity, so I’ll always have the memory of that.

So here today I’m sharing these photos with you all, my dear readers. They are FREEBIES, meaning if you want to save them to your computers or mobile devices, use them as computer wallpaper, turn them into cards, use them as backgrounds for image editing, print them out for your own pleasure…you have my blessings. 🙇

This girl can’t sew in a straight line, as you can see. But the wonky stitches and exposed knots sure add to the charm of it being all handmade, right 😄. Worthy of a Crafts stall or Etsy…

My “Kantha” Scarves – Part 2

This is my 2nd “Kantha” scarf, made using a thrift shop velvet scarf, overlaid with fabric remnants and sewn in place simply using a running stitch with different coloured embroidery threads. The scarf is an Oriental one, with one side in black velvet and the other in a golden silk. 

This time round I tied the ends of the thread on the patchwork side, leaving the black velvet side clear of any knots. 

I love the bright zingy colours, and how the embroidery threads create an interesting contrast against the black velvet. 

My “Kantha” Scarves – Part 1

Following on from my previous posts about Indian Kantha, I bit the bullet and tried my hand at creating my own type of Kantha. 

I bought a packet of embroidery floss, 36 skeins in all in various colours, from my local Spotlight haberdashery store. I also found a large, long needle…it may be a needle for darning carpets or rugs…perfect for getting those thousands of stitches sewn faster than a tiny needle.

The 1st Kantha scarf I made turned out to be more of a shawl, made using some black velvet fabric I’d gotten at a thrift store. This scarf measures 16 wide x 72 inches long. That’s a lotta sewing!

I layered some fabric remnant pieces over the cut velvet, played around with various configurations, and when I was happy with the arrangement, just pinned the whole thing in place and then started handsewing. I tied the ends of the embroidery threads to the black velvet side for this project. It meant the velvet side showed a riot of coloured running stitches and also the tied and snipped off ends of thread. 

Here’s that 1st scarf/shawl, hanging from my orange tree.

The front part 1.

The front part 2. 

The back panel in velvet.

Close-up of the running stitches at the back.

Yes, of course I could’ve pre-marked the lines on the velvet with tailor’s chalk, to get perfectly evenly spaced and straight lines. But the whole point of the exercise is to try and sew in a straight line, and if you find yourself going off-piste, to simply correct yourself by stopping the line, tying it off and starting a brand new one. I had to do this a number of times with this scarf, but you’d never guess at first glance, right. 

A bit like real life, really. Fall off the bandwagon, get back on again. Or, alternatively, make your own tracks and head off into the sunset on your own.

For my 2nd attempt at making a Kantha scarf I’m going to make the knots appear on the side with the fabric arrangement…see tomorrow’s post!