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Land Of The Free…?

The “Scarcity” model that Society imposes upon us is one big fat lie. Society needs us to believe that there’s not enough Money out there for everyone, that the rich can only get richer and the poor poorer. That we are not beautiful enough as we are, so we need this makeup, these clothes, those shoes, that cream, go on that diet, eat this, don’t eat that, try this gym, buy this, buy that etc. 

It’s simply how Society operates. It needs us to do all that, in order to ensure its own survival. And the mode of exchange, the currency if you wish, is Money. 

It’s human nature that the more you’re told you can’t have something, the more you want it. Forbidden fruit tastes better, right 😉. The set-up therefore, or the carrot in front of the donkey, is to make something so attractive and desirable that you Just have to have it. And then make it seemingly unattainable, by pricing it out of the ballpark. 

But by then you want it so much, because mainstream Media has bombarded you with marketing campaigns, ads, teasers, freebies…your Want becomes your Need, and then you decide you can’t live without it, so you’re willing to get it at any price.

That’s when you start looking at credit cards, loans, payment plans, laybys etc. Your object of desire lies in the future, so you make yourself live in the future in order to obtain it, by going into debt. 

There are certain things you just can’t avoid paying for…like a roof over your head, for example. If you Rent, you’re essentially only borrowing your home from someone else, and could be turfed out if things go wrong. If you Buy, then the house is the carrot and you have to keep chasing it by paying regular instalments to the bank…because it’s actually the bank that owns the property, not you. Sure, you may pay it all off eventually, but again, that reality is in the future.

But do you know something? All that I’ve just said above – they’re First World problems. Here we are, squabbling over who gets the best bargain in town, which wine is the best, who the classiest celebrity is, where the best holiday deals are…when elsewhere in the world, people are dying of hunger and thirst, being exploited, being blown to pieces. 

And you don’t even hear about these things. Because the Media doesn’t want you to know. The Media in cahoots with Society just wants you to keep spending your Money. It helps Society control your thoughts, your spending habits, your very lives.

Yup, Society has it all sewn up alright. Nobody owns Mother Earth, yet people are not free to pitch their tents on any piece of earth they like and call it Home. Nope, somewhere along the line some smartarse or congregation of smartarses decided that the Land belongs to the Government and that everyone who wants a piece of it Must Pay. Look, they even steal Land from the original people who were there first, millennia ago. Original tribes who lived on and off the land, peaceably minding their own business, there’s plenty to go round, no need to squabble, spread out, go forth and multiply…until the Invaders arrived, that is. 

Whatever happened to “Land Of The Free”? First the Land was Free, then it wasn’t. First the People who lived on the Land were Free…then they weren’t. Ever heard of the word “Slavery”? 

“Free” has 2 notable connotations, both used in this context. The first – not having a pricetag, not for sale, available for use by everyone, having no monetary value of exchange. The second – not restricted in movement, not prevented from going about one’s daily business, not shackled in chains, not “owned” by someone else.

Land rights is just one specific example. There are too many examples of how Society has created slaves out of Humankind, by imposing manmade rules and regulations, and telling us “This is just the way it is”. Like some catch-all, cure-all phrase that’s supposed to mean something.

Luckily, many people are waking up and deciding to take the fight to the Capitol. We will be slaves no more, bowing at the altars of false gods. What was once Free MUST be Free again. One small victory at a time. 

(Image source: Pinterest)

This Is So True…

(Thank you, my dear TSS, for posting this on Facebook). 

More often than not, you find out who your real friends are, not when you’re at the top of your game, or rich and famous, but rather when you’ve been cast aside by Society. That’s when you look around, and see those so-called “friends” turning their faces or walking away in the opposite direction as fast as their little legs will carry them. Rats deserting a sinking ship.

Change of any kind makes people uncomfortable, it’s upsetting and unsettling. And most people would rather not know, or brush it aside, just in case it happens to be a contagious disease and they catch it.

Speaking as a societal pariah, (and I am well aware of who I am), fairweather friends should be ashamed of themselves and of their attitude towards the less fortunate, the needy, the homeless, the destitude. Instead of shunning them or worse, pretending not to see, they should open their eyes and see the other person as being the same as them – a human being. External acoutrements and material wealth should not be the clothes by which a person is judged. Character and personal integrity should. 

But, sadly, the vast majority of people would rather not know. They would much prefer shleepwalking (my own invented word) through life, swallowing with gratitude whatever rubbish the Media moguls decide to dish out. They would rather gossip about what Kim Kardashian is wearing or not wearing, and was her bling ring really worth $4.5 million? They know what this year’s fashion trends are, the latest nail polish fads, where the hotspots are for holidays this year, which credit card gives you 0% for 16 months, which bank has the lowest rates, who’s driving the latest car, who’s just bought a mansion with 25 bathrooms.

But they turn a blind eye to the real horrors of the world, such as the Yulin dogmeat festival, the annual slaughter of dolphins and seals, the destruction of rainforests, the greed-driven, manufactured “wars”, climate change, the ozone layer, bees dying, the alarmimg rate of animal extinctions, disappearing polae ice caps, the rapid rape of Mother Earth.

Why do they a blind eye? Because they are so accustomed to this artificial world of consumerism and First World problems, that they choose to only pay attention to the things that affect them directly. As the saying goes, “Not my monkeys, not my circus”. It’s like those movies where the child, upon seeing the bogeyman/intruder/ghost/killer, runs and hides under the bedcovers…we all know that’s not the best place to hide, but the child believes that if he squeezes his eyes shut and holds his breath, then the bogeyman will surely pass him by.

Someone said to me the other day,”The only time I look down on a person is when I’m reaching to pull them up”. And That is what we should all be doing. None of this ridiculous race to see who can win this crazy Monopoly Game of Life. None of this one upmanship, who’s got a bigger house or car, who’s earning more and can afford more holidays etc. That’s all crap, and I’m calling a spade a spade here.

If you can whinge about something, you can do something about making it right again, or better. What’s the point in saying something, getting it off your chest, then retreating into your shell again? It only serves to salve Your soul, but nothing else gets accomplished. 

I have nothing of any consequence in this world. No property, no car, no major material assets that a bank can repossess off me. What I do have is a ton and then some, of Knowledge, Skills and Experience, picked up over the space of 4 decades. Which I offer to humanity for free. Only, in the Society that we are all forced to live in, if you don’t have any Money, you are worse than worthless. Even your words are nothing, and only the ones who are Awake hear them. 

So, will You walk with me, who is by Society’s standards Broken Beyond Repair? Or how does that holiday in Bali sound to you, or those shoes at 50% off starting this weekend? 

No Words…

These quotes speak for themselves. Curated from Pinterest. Read them and Wake Up before it’s too late!

Or, come cart me away in a straightjacket if you think I’ve lost the plot. Are we People, or are we Sheeple?


There’s no two ways about it. We live in a screwed up world. Our priorities are back to front, upside down and inside out.

We work to live, not live to work. We work hard, so we can pay off our mountains of debt and perhaps feed our family, and so our employer can bring His family for that long holiday abroad. Life isn’t about living, it’s about making a living.

Human beings are the only living creatures that have to “earn” a living. No other animal has to deal with waking up, commuting to work, paying bills, and worrying about their pension. Ever thought maybe We’re doing it wrong??

Money is God, not just a system of exchange. It is the yardstick by which Society pigeonholes people. If you have lots of money, you’re successful, and you have tonnes of “friends”, and people flock to see you or hear you speak. Even if you’re talking poppycock out your arse. If you bottled your farts, your fans would fall over themselves in the rush to buy it. However, if you have no money, no one wants to know your name. People avert their gaze when they carefully skirt around your spot on the pavement. Some even tell you to shove off, or get a security guard or policeman to remove you.

Celebrity births, marriages and deaths are considered “News”. Everyone wants a piece of that person when they’re dead, yet when they’re alive we never hear anyone singing their praises as highly. People love the ability to lay claim to another person’s fame vicariously. Don’t know that word? Look it up.

We believe what the elite tell the Media to disseminate to us. Regardless of whether it’s true. If you read it on Facebook, it must be true. Ditto if you read that someone read or saw it on Good Morning America, then posted about it on Facebook, then it must be true. Ergo, Everything you see on Facebook is true.

Now, for some local news from the homefront.

Great big bushfires burning out of control down south of Perth, Western Australia. 128 homes and an entire town, Yarloop, gone. Not to mention wildlife, livestock, treasured possessions and pets. People rallying round with donations and offers of food and temporary housing. Good job! Some bloke even donated his car and persuaded over a dozen others to follow his example. Great examples of humanity. The victims of the fires face months, if not years, of recovery to get their lives back together, they’ll need all the help they can get.

Meanwhile, back in Perth. Young beauty pageant contestant has her handbag stolen. Inside are her iPhone, car keys, parking ticket and wallet. The thief traces her car via the parking ticket, and steals the car as well. Beautiful buxom lassie is naturally distraught. 2 businessmen gallantly jump to her assistance. One runs a car dealership, and lets her have use of one of his cars “for as long as she needs it”. The other, a businessman, buys our distressed damsel a brand new iPhone 6.

I wonder if these 2 gallant knights in expensive armour have donated anything to the poor victims of the bushfires, only 200km away? Did the car dealer donate a truckload of cars for the victims to use “for as long as they need them”? Did the businessman donate money, clothing, food, or, god forbid, a bunch of iPhone 6s to those victims?

What do you think? Priorities, what priorities? Society, and the way it prances and postures, makes me sad. There was a time when people were more human, more caring and less self-centred or selfish. I miss those days.

What will You do…

What a wicked world we live in! Apathy, greed, avarice, selfishness, egoism, laziness, materialism, the list goes on and on. We as a human race appear to have lost our way, in the Pursuit of  Happiness. Know though, that Happiness cannot be bought by Money. There is no such thing as the Pursuit of Happiness, just the Pursuit of Money. Money can buy you Things, that is true, but Things don’t make you happy. Only You can make you happy, so choose to be happy no matter what, and you will have Happiness. Just look at the swamis and sidhus in India, or any of the gnostics and ascetics around the world – they live very simply, but they are happy.

I have no lessons to teach. I have no manifesto. I’m about as intuitive as a lamp post. No, that’s not right…the lamp post is more intuitive than me. I feel awkward and inadequate when in a crowd of people and everyone seems so clever. I’m just a simple person who has been blessed recently with a clarity of vision. I have had my eyes opened to where our world is heading, and sadly it is heading towards destruction and not salvation. We need to wake up now and take up just causes, there are so many good causes to choose. Pick one or two and devote your attention and time towards it. We are caretakers of the Earth, not its owners, so we need to take care of it, instead of plundering its resources for our own selfish gains. Now is the time to work together, not against each other.

Just the other day, I posted up these 2 photos on my Facebook Wall. And boy did that incite a great debate or what! I won’t go into too much detail, just have a look at these 2 photos and think about it.


In one photo, people are queuing up for the bare neccessities of life. In the other, they are queuing up for something they don’t NEED but WANT. One shows people sacrificing their time for the benefit of others. The other shows selfish people. One is of a breadline. The other is the queue to buy the new iPhone 6.

The backlash from this simple comparison caused a “friend” to unfriend me on Facebook. She felt I was being anti-Apple, that I was offending her by “shaming people into becoming better”. Not at all, what I was objecting to was the attitude of people today, I was simply pointing out where their priorities were skewed, and that people need to wake up and do something to turn the tide. If that had been a photo of people queuing up for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the latest PlayStation, XBox, etc, I would have still written about it the same way. Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things too, I’m only human. But I wouldn’t sacrifice a month’s food for my family, just to feed my own Ego.

Ask yourself this question: Does our constant lust for consumables advance our society towards the greater good? If yes, how? If not, what will You do about it?

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