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Leaves : Spring & Summer

I’m in love with the green of leaves. Right now, it’s the end of Summer in Australia (yup, this is one weird country compared with the rest of the world). It’s hard to tell which leaves on which trees will turn golden then brown and fall to the ground, and which will stay green all year round. I’m no garden expert, and some trees that I swear are olive trees are perhaps some indigenous Australian gum instead. 

But I’ve fallen in love with big, green, leafy plants, especially the ones with leaves that are almost sculptural in their beauty. Green is a very refreshing and calming colour, and if you prefer not to have it on your walls, perhaps consider a houseplant to give your home a dash of this amazing colour.

So, once again courtesy of Pinterest, here are my favourite greens for Spring and Summer. (Seriously, folks, if you’re not already a fan of Pinterest and spend hours trawling through it, pinning this and that to your dozens of Boards, it’s time to get with the programme).

HAIKU : So That Butterflies May Drink

I remember once
The skies were cloudless and blue
The heat relentless

No drop of rain fell
All summer long in that year
The earth lay parched, dry

And in that same year
My emotions ran dry too
Like the barren land

I picked up the hose
My trees were calling to me
I’d neglected them

The water arrived
I sprinkled the earth with it
I heard its glad sigh

I gave it its fill
It slaked its thirst hungrily
And begged me for more

I made mud puddles
So that butterflies may drink
My reward was this

Rainbows in the air
Dancing in the bright sunshine
My garden now blooms


AlyZen Moonshadow

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