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Just Some Pinteresting Images

I love to surf Pinterest, it’s so full of interesting images that lead to exciting websites and blogs. Here are just some of the most recent ones I’ve found, that I’d like to share with you all.

Eye candy, thought provoking, inspiring, weird – yes, I have very eclectic tastes and it shows ūüėĄ. I love Steampunk, Assemblage, Altered Art, Surrealism, among others.

Enjoy! (If you’d like more information about any of these images, you’ll need to look under my profile “AlyZen Moonshadow” on Pinterest to find the pins). 

Dreaming of the Dalai Lama

What a surreal dream I had last night! There I am, walking my 2 dogs, and we come across a blue-tiled wall with a glass screen to one side, rather like in a walk-in shower/wet room. And who should be standing there, with a white cat nestled in the crook of his arm, but His Holiness the Dalai Lama himself, complete with his saffron and scarlet robes. Beaming his happy smile at me.

I stop and move towards the Dalai Lama. As I do so, the thought runs through my mind that the minute I open my mouth and speak to him, I’m no doubt going to burst into tears and break down. 

And then the Dalai Lama speaks. He says, very clearly in my dream, “Tell me, child, all that burdens your soul”. And yup, I burst into tears.

I don’t remember what else was said between he and I, for a stream of people suddenly appear around me. Each one seems to be suggesting some form of help for me, offering alternatives and choices, each in their own way. 

One of them turns to me and asks, “So what were you and His Holiness talking about?”

I reply,”I don’t remember, because you guys appeared all of a sudden, and now His Holiness appears to have vanished. But I guess maybe you guys have come to assist me, so Thank You”.

Make what you will of it, I have no explanation for this dream, other than perhaps it was my subconscious seeking solutions to the problems I’ve been having lately. Certainly I would never have expected to meet the Dalai Lama in a dream…but that did happen, so I’ll be taking a look through my books on His Holiness, to see what other insights I might be able to glean from this. 

 (Image source: Google)

New Artwork : Surreal Fantasy

I had a sudden surge of creativity last week, after stumbling upon some hitherto neglected filters and clipart in an App on my mobile phone. I got so inspired by the possibilities of combining several disparate elements together to create a new series of digital artwork with a Surreal Fantasy theme, that I stayed up late over several nights to finish them.

These have been submitted to my Licensing company for production, fingers crossed they pass the quality standards set by the company. Hopefully then they will be made available on various housewares, such as bedlinen, shower curtains, wall art, placemats etc.

Here are 5 examples, out of the 20 I created. I hope you like them!

image“A Sudden Grand Deluge”

image“Musical Tendrils”

image“Rain Deer”

image“Blue Ballet”

image“As Above, So Below”

These were a lot of fun to create. And I decided to give them all whimsical titles, to add to the surreal fantasy feel. Believe it or not, only 3 Apps were used to create these: PicsArt, Impressionist Fingerpaint and Photo Editor.

Artist Inspiration : Jacek Yerka

A picture tells a thousand words. The artist here is Jacek Yerka. He may be from Poland, but his imagination is out of this world. I’m a huge fan of Surrealism, and Jacek Yerka delivers in spades.

Here’s the link to Jacek’s website: Jacek Yerka. To read about his background and artist statement, click on this link.

Now relax, and feast your eyes, and let your wildest imagination run amok amongst Jacek’s mindblowing creations. (Some of these remind me of Hayao Miyazaki‘s Anime films, such as Laputa Castle In The Sky, My Neighbour Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle, with their strange creatures, weird trees and beast/machine hybrids).

Jacek even merits his own Wikipedia entry:

These are just some of my favourites, the artist is very prolific, and an Image search on Google will show you many, many more amazing and astonishing works by Jacek Yerka. For those on a stretched budget, you can buy his calenders on Amazon; now That would be an affordable way to own some of his Art.





















Artist Inspiration : Eiko Jones

I came across this startling image whilst browsing Pinterest the other day, and immediately went “Whoa! What on earth is that?” Well, not exactly in those words, lol, but if you see the image yourself, you’ll know why it got that reaction from me.


It’s of tadpoles swimming underwater through water lily stalks in Cedar Lake, Vancouver Island, Canada. The photographer extraordinaire is Eiko Jones. National Geographic Magazine featured this shot in its “Photo of the Day” page online on January 2, 2013, and again¬†in its Editor’s Choice section in its magazine, in April 2013.

Check out Eiko’s photography website for more information about his work. ¬†He specialises in predominantly underwater photography, although he does occasionally undertake above water work too.


More photos of Eiko’s superb work here, courtesy of Google Images and of course copyrighted to Eiko Jones:

tadpole-swarm DSC-0721 W020131018581340246308 Sunlight pours through the fronds of kelp floating on the surface of the ocean. Lily-pond-UW 410 _DSC2999 richmondreef3

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“Print on Demand” Book Publishing

I have to date published 3 books of my images, being “Dalienutopia”, “The iFlower Series” and “Surreal”. ¬†These were all done through different publishers, as I was (and still am) exploring which one would ultimately be the best one for me.

“Dalienutopia” was my very first book. ¬†The title is a play on the words “Dali”, “Alien” and “Utopia”, the word imagery I was aiming for is the strangeness of Salvador Dali juxtaposed against the backdrop of a Utopian world, in an alien surrounding. Close to where we lived at first in Perth is an area called the Baigup Wetlands, which is mainly a swampy area where you’ll find silvery grey gumtrees with exposed roots sticking out of the water, and lots of native birds. It really is a strange environment to find yourself in, and I was reminded immediately of Dali’s famous “Swans Reflecting Elephants” painting.

Here is the link to the book “Dalienutopia“, ¬†the publisher is Blurb (http://www.blurb.com). If you click on the link it brings you to the Preview page, and if you click on the shopping trolley below the preview pictures (please make me happy and do so!), you can purchase the book for yourself.

My second book, in 2012, was “The iFlower Series”, at a time when I was so enamoured of flower photography that I simply couldn’t walk past a single flower without whipping out my iPhone 4 and snapping away at it from every conceivable angle.¬†I’d had problems using Blurb’s “Booksmart” template, and in the end a techie from Blurb had had to reset the template for me online as I couldn’t get in to edit my pictures.¬†So, not wanting the stress of going through that again, I decided to try out Lulu instead (http://www.lulu.com). ¬†It was easier to navigate, however I found the quality of the paper wasn’t as good as Blurb, plus it offered fewer size options. But, it was cheaper.

Here is the link to preview and purchase “The iFlower Series“, again please do check it out, thank you!

My third foray into self-publishing was the surreal “Surreal”, this time published in 2013 by Mixbook (http://www.mixbook.com).¬†Mixbook claims to be have of the easiest user interface, and indeed it was a doddle creating my book using their templates. The price was more expensive than Blurb or Lulu, however. With Lulu I was able to get a 52-page book for just over $15, but for a similar price Mixbook could only offer me 20 pages. At the time I published “Surreal”, I was into my surreal phase of photographing everyday images and then distorting or blending them with other elements to create a sense of the unreal…some of the images are quite unsettling!

Click the title to preview and purchase “Surreal“. ¬†Thanks for looking! ūüôā

Here is a handy page with a run-down of various Print On Demand Book Publishers, and their pros and cons. ¬†3 years ago, when I started researching Print On Demand, the list for the Top 10 was very different and included Blurb, Lulu and Mixbook…the story is very different now, judging from this current list¬†http://online-book-publishing-review.toptenreviews.com. Just goes to show how we live in exponential times, and things move by so swiftly and change happens so fast, that if you stood still and blinked, you’d be passed by in an instant. The article might be of use to you if you are considering going down the route of self-publishing yourself. Self-publishing can be as simple as creating a book for your own enjoyment, and that of your family and friends, or it could work out to cost $$$$ in marketing and advertising if you’re wishing to conquer the world.

This article here provides a useful insight into the pros and cons of “do it yourself” publishing i.e Print on Demand, as opposed to applying to mainstream publishing houses. ¬†Of course, this is only one of many articles online that discuss POD. It seems that everyone is a writer/photographer/artist/poet/actor/musician/etc today!¬†

As for myself, no, I still haven’t found the Holy Grail of POD book publishers. But I seem to have fed my self-publishing daemon and have managed to move on to other projects and aspirations. I may come back to this at a later time, as I would like to see my books available on mainstream sites such as Amazon…I understand having a Blurb book these days comes with inclusion into Amazon’s listings. ¬†But, my first and only experience creating my book on Blurb wasn’t particularly stress-free, and I’m not quite ready to go through that again just yet.

There is one POD publisher that I would like to use, as I’ve not found any other that offers printing on matte paper. ¬†I love magazines that use matte paper instead of the usual glossy paper (Frankie is one of my favourites). ¬†It just gives the whole magazine a more organic, handmade feel, like some arty journal. The publisher’s name is Artifact Uprising, and they offer a surprising number of templates and styles you can choose from. ¬†However, as I live on Mars¬†in Australia, their FAQ points out that it will cost me $68 (!!!) to send just ONE book to me. Which makes it economically NOT viable for me to go down this avenue. To those of you lucky enough to be living on this planet, I would recommend that you check out Artifact Uprising. Definitely ¬†one to watch!