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Favourite Inspirational Thoughts

Just a few Pinterest curated inspirational thoughts for the day, to mull over and ponder. 

I’m still learning to trust that The Universe will provide for all my needs, and that I don’t have to worry about anything. Some days things go swimmingly well, other days I begin to doubt myself…but The Universe then shows its wicked sense of humour and starts throwing synchronicities and coincidences across my path, as if to say “Hey, you, why do you doubt me? Here I am, to remind you!” 

Just the other day, after our epic clear-out of my son Jack’s bedroom, Jack and I were cooling off in the swimming pool when he started talking about his pet peeve – the vacuum cleaner. Straight away my mind remembered a YouTube video of a man tying to start his vacuum cleaner by repeatedly pulling the electric cable, as if it were a lawn mower.

A couple of hours later, I received an email from a relative, with a video attached…of the exact same man with the vacuum cleaner.

And all those multiple numbers – 11:11, 1:11, 2:22…

Coincidence? Or a clear nudge from The Universe?

30 Days of Gratitude: #6

#What in Nature are you grateful for?

In Pam Grout’s book on the practice of Gratitude, “Thank and Grow Rich“, she mentions readers receiving 4 gifts from The Universe as signs affirming their thoughts.
One of the 4 gifts is to come in the form of “A Magical Blessing from the Natural World”.

I must confess, due to a lack of further explanation by Pam, I was a little skeptical about the whole bird thing.

That is, until Tuesday just gone, when I took my client’s dog, River, out for her afternoon walk. The route we took went past 2 houses with a very narrow strip of vacant land between them. This strip was mostly overgrown with brush and some trees. As River walked past the strip, she flushed out a young fledgling bird from the underbrush. I  seem to have a knack for finding unidentified birds, as this one was a mystery to me. 

The fledgling clearly wasn’t used to flying, and had either flown out of its nest and couldn’t get back home, or maybe it had fallen out of its nest?

I didn’t want River catching the bird and harming it, so I crept up to where it had flapped to, next to the wall of one of the houses. I crouched down, and, thanks to my birdcatching expertise with my Japanese Quails (who admittedly are quite handtame), managed to catch the bird neatly with one hand. 

I don’t really understand the old saying “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, because clearly that didn’t apply here. Anyway, the fledgling tried to flap its way out of my grip, but I got its wings pinned down well, and after a few seconds, it seemed to accept my presence and relaxed in my hand. I was expecting to get a few painful pecks, (as my budgies always do to me on the rare occasions when I have to handle them). But this baby lay nice and quiet in my hand.

Can anyone identify which species of bird this is?

Anyway, I then cast around looking for a likely place where this baby could have come from. If it couldn’t fly all that well, it couldn’t have flown very far from its nest. I soon found what looked liked a birds nest in one of the trees belonging to the house on the left of the vacant strip. That Could be the fledgling’s nest, it was possible…or it might be some other bird’s nest, in which case my poor foundling would have to move on right sharply when the nest’s real owners returned. 

Anyhow, I had to place the bird somewhere high enough that dogs and cats couldn’t get at it easily. That nest (or bunch of twigs) in that tree seemed the safest bet. So I carefully deposited my little fledgling there, and wished it all the best.

It was only as I walked away to resume walking River, that it hit me: The Universe/Mother Nature had truly just gifted me with a sign, in the form of a bird.

There’s no such thing as a coincidence, right? Man, am I humbled! 🙇

Practising Manifestation with Bottlecaps

When I first explained the Law of Attraction and the technique of Manifestation to my teenager, Jack, he was sceptical. As can be expected. 

I suggested to Jack that he test out the technique of Manifestation himself, if he was game to. He would try to manifest (aka find) 3 bottle caps on our next outing. He’s a fan of the Playstation game “Fallout 4”, in which bottlecaps are legal tender in an apocalyptic world. So, for Jack, the prospect of finding bottle caps appealed to him. 

We ventured down to the Rockingham foreshore, and almost immediately I found 2 bottlecaps on the ground. I suggested that Jack visualise finding bottlecaps, or “tune in” to the wavelength of bottlecaps. It seemed to work, for he started spying them lying in the sand here and there…and instead of just finding 3, Jack kept wanting to find more and more.

We ended up with 15 bottlecaps in the space of just 20 minutes. How we found the final 2 was quite surreal, yet fitting to this experiment. Jack wandered off to the right of the beach, I to the left. I glimpsed a bottlecap in the sand and pounced on it, just as Jack proclaimed that he’d found one. When we compared our finds, we discovered that they were both the same Corona brand. 

Oh, and we found a crab shell too, discarded by seagulls after their breakfast. And I also found a lovely, unusual blue marble, while Jack found 2 more common marbles to accompany my blue. 

I call it a Great Day! 😊

The Dude DOES Abide!!

OMG. Yesterday I cast doubt over whether The Universe aka “The Dude” was really manifesting my wish for money, when my ex transferred $200 into my bank account. It could have been a coincidence, right? So, I gave The Universe/Dude another 24 hours to make good its promise of money coming my way out of the blue.

Last night I conducted another Law of Attraction experiment concurrently. This one’s called “The Volkswagen Jetta Principle”, and is a 2-parter. In my case, it’s not a VW but Mazdas in Soul Red. In the first 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of these Soul Red Mazdas manifest themselves into my life. In the second 24 hours I’m supposed to observe how many of another subject of my choosing manifests itself into my life.

I’ve been practising manifesting Soul Red Mazdas for the last 2 weeks now, and they’re practically leaping out at me these days when I’m on the road. 

Choosing a 2nd subject to manifest however, has been slightly trickier. Last night I decided to manifest Green Traffic Lights on the road when I’m driving. I envisioned that All the traffic lights would be green, or turn green as my car approached them. 

But this morning I realised that the route I normally take to get to the dogs that I walk or petsit doesn’t include ANY traffic lights, just roundabouts and normal junctions.

So I switched my wish to that of manifesting Pink Orchids instead. 

I didn’t see any Pink Orchids at all today. I mentioned them to the ex, but I guess it went right over his head because just 5 minutes later he asked me what I wanted for Christmas. 

Well, I thought, The Universe still has 24 hours to manifest those Pink Orchids for me.

And I turned on the TV and this movie was just starting. It was called “Absolutely Anything“, and starred Simon Pegg and Kate Beckinsale, with the late Robin Williams providing the voice of Dennis, the dog that belongs to Simon Pegg’s character, Neil. Basically, the premise of the movie is that Neil is trying to get his neighbour Catherine to fall in love with him. A bunch of aliens in outer space bestow upon him the power to make anything Neil wishes come true. If Neil uses his power for Good, the aliens would welcome Earth into their group. If Neil uses his power for Evil, the aliens would annihilate Earth.

It was funny enough…until it got to the part where Neil gets abducted by Grant, a wannabe boyfriend of Catherine (Kate Beckinsale’s character in the movie). Grant wants Neil to make a whole list of his wishes come true.

And here’s where it gets surreal…to me anyway…

On Grant’s list of wishes is this:


Cue Twilight Zone music ♫♪♫

See, The Dude DOES Abide. Count me in as a Believer, Universe! And THANK YOU!

On another note, my employer Wendy handed me a Christmas card this afternoon as we parted company after visiting a new client’s dogs and cats together…and inside the envelope was a prepaid Visa card for $50. So, turns out my first experiment has also worked. Money has again manifested itself, thank you, Universe!

The Dude rocks! 🖒🤘

(Image source: Pinterest)

Law of Attraction – the results so far…

I’m still new to this Law of Attraction thing, but so far so good. 

One experiment I’ve been working on is the manifestation of Mazda cars in Soul Red. Nowadays I see them everywhere, I park next to them, and they’ve even started following me in my car. 😄 Yes, it’s due to my tuning in to their vibration or frequency (there’s more than one meaning to the word “frequency” here), not that these cars are any more prolific on the roads than any other car. I could do the same thing with a vintage Ford Mustang, for instance, and start seeing them everywhere…but that doesn’t mean there are loads of vintage Mustangs out there. It just means my mind is tuned in and whenever a Mustang shows up, I’ll notice it. 

I’m also practising manifesting or attracting Money, or an improvement in my income and wealth. So far, I’ve had unexpected orders for my Lenormand divination decks on Etsy and eBay, coming seemingly out of the blue just when I needed Money most. I’ve also won $27 on the Lottery just this week (not quite the $10,000,000 I want, but it’s a good start!), plus just as I was wishing for more work to come my way, I got an email scheduling me in for a very busy week ahead walking dogs and pet sitting, in the lead up to Christmas. All great stuff! 🖒🖒 

I’ve also just seen the home of my dreams, and it’s just around the corner from where I live now. The owner had a Home Open on Sunday just gone, and I brought my son Jack and our dear neighbour Diane to view it. As luck would have it, we were the only visitors there, so the owner Peter graciously showed us around personally. This house is just perfect for our needs, it’s not too big, the layout of the rooms is ideal, there’s a pool and even a spa, the garden is easy to maintain, it’s within easy walking distance of Jack’s school, and it’s fully enclosed so my dogs Shelagh and Scruffy can run around the compound safely. I absolutely love it, it’s perfect for me.  I’ve asked the owner if he’d be happy to rent the house to me if it hasn’t sold after 3 months…and he said “YES!” So now I’ve even got a timescale to work with.

I trust the Universe to conspire to secure it for me, should it be “The One”. Rent or buy, it doesn’t matter right now. If it isn’t “The One”, then I trust the Universe will find me another and make the circumstances absolutely ideal for me to get it. Whatever the case, I’m happy to go with the flow of what the Universe wants to show me. Better things are on the horizon, for sure! 

My divorce application is now in the pipeline. I’m not in control of what happens to the house we’re living in right now, I’ve suggested several options to the ex but he won’t listen, however it’s “Not my circus, not my monkeys” and the only thing I can and should do, and what I’m doing now, is to walk away from it. But things are moving now, after a period of stagnation and massive self-doubt and repression…which I’m embarrassed to admit I let the ex and my own father drag me down into for nearly a year, with their own brand of negativity and narcissism respectively. Well, no more!!

I believe that 2017 will be a wonderful year for me and Jack. Our financial position will improve dramatically, so I can afford to rent our own place, or even purchase our own home. Who knows, I might even end up buying the ex out of the home we live in now? I trust the Universe will set into motion anything and everything that’s needed to show me the way and my options, when the timing is just right. I’ll have income from multiple streams, I’ll be doing work that I’m passionate about, our circumstances can only get better and better. Make it so!

So, Thank You, Universe! More Good Things and more Wealth, please! 

Getting down to specifics

Looks like my little Mazda Manifesting experiment has stepped up a notch. Yesterday in my Facebook feed a contest popped up, hosted by Mazda Australia, to win a Mazda CX-5. The car in the photo was the colour I’ve “tuned in” to, Soul Red. The prize – not just the CX-5 but also $10,000 to spend.

Here’s the link to the actual competition: https://www.nextgenmazdacx5.com.au/?utm_source=organic&utm_medium=Facebook

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I went for it. 

Mazda Australia sent me a reply saying:

And the photo I posted of the CX-3 I was admiring so much in the Rockingham Mazda showroom:

When Mazda Australia replied to my FB comment, my heart skipped a beat and an insanely happy thought flashed through my mind, “I just might win this thing!” 😄 And why not? Someone has to, and it might as well be ME! 

Today, I found myself parking right next to none other than a Mazda CX-5 in Soul Red.

Happy days, indeed! My dream is one step closer to becoming real! 

Thank You, Universe!! 🙇

Soul Red

Soul Red is the name of a specific shade of red, in a Mazda car. I forget which model the car was that I first came across with that shade of red. But it’s just beautiful, and I always seem to be seeing it every so often. 

I’m currently reading “The Answer” by Allan and Barbara Pease, and it revolves around a scientific concept known as “RAS” (Reticular Activation System). Basically, the reason you keep seeing, hearing or encountering the same thing over and over again, is because your brain has been instructed to “tune in” to that very thing, so much so that when it appears in your periphery, your senses immediately pick up on it. 

As an experiment, I decided to let myself believe that my next car would be a Mazda in Soul Red. Something like this:

Oooohh, SHINY!! 😄

Anyway, today I took my son Jack to Warnbro, 2 suburbs away, as I wanted to buy my own copy of “The Answer”, the one I was reading being a library book. I’d seen the book at the Big W department store there a couple of weeks ago, and I was hoping there would be a few copies left.

As I was driving along, I explained to Jack how RAS worked, and suggested to him that we should try tuning into Mazdas in Soul Red. Jack was intrigued and game to play along.

Hardly had I finished talking when, what should we see coming around the roundabout, but the very thing we were hoping to attract. A beautiful Soul Red Mazda car.

Synchronicity strikes again! 

(And yes, Big W did have a couple of copies of “The Answer”, so now I’ve got my own copy to keep).

A Little Experiment

Today I had the sudden hankering to check out a New Age store in town, to see what cards on Positive Thinking or Affirmations they had. I’d been there a few months ago, yes, but today I decided it was time to go there again, as they might have some new stock in.

Just the night before, I’d tried out an experiment in active visualisation. I’d visualised receiving a cheque for $10,000,000 dollars, from winning the Lottery. And so I was looking on real estate websites at properties. Specifically one that was an older, plantation style property, in the region of $500,000. 

This morning, as I was driving along to get to that New Age store, the memory of a house flashed unbidden through my mind. A couple of years ago, during my cycling days, I’d cycled past an older, plantation-style bungalow with a wooden verandah skirting it on the 3 sides I could see, and I remember thinking to myself, what an unusual property it was, nestled amongst newer brick and tile properties. 

I decided on a whim to see if I could find this house again. It did suit the profile in my vision board. So I let the car drive itself; I held the image or idea of that house in my mind and let my instincts do the navigating, a right turn here, a left turn there…

And then I came round a corner, and there it was. 

And there was a For Sale sign outside the house!

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I quickly pulled over on to the grass verge opposite the house, turned the engine off, whipped out my mobile phone and looked up the listing on the real estate agent’s website.


Well, well, well…isn’t The Universe naughty but nice? “Offers over $499,000”.

W.O.W Now I’ll simply HAVE to win that $10,000,000 lottery tonight! 😄

After that serendipitous moment, I drove on and stopped at a thrift store. And I found 2 books that fitted in with the whole positive thinking, Law of Attraction theme:

The New Age store didn’t have the cards I had in mind. I bought some incense sticks instead…of the “Money Attracting” kind. I figured, why ever not? 😉 

Then Diane, my neighbour and possibly my best friend, called to say her regular mah-jongg ride wasn’t feeling well so could I possibly give her (Diane) a lift to the hall where the games were held? 

Sure thing! 

The hall was quite literally round the corner from the library, so after picking Diane up from her home and dropping her off, I dropped in for a look.

And I found these:

Serendipity strikes again! Right now I’m reading “The Answer”, by Allan and Barbara Pease. It’s currently in the bookshops for $26, so I consider myself lucky indeed to have gotten my hands on it at the library. 

Summer Love

I decided to go hunting for seaglass today. Point Peron near where I live is a popular spot for locals, it has beaches, coves, cliffs and lots of rocky outcrops and mini islands. Rockingham is also home to Penguin Island, a sanctuary for rehabilitating injured Little Penguins. Nearby there’s also Seal Island, home to flocks of pelicans and the eponymous seals. Garden Island, home to the Navy and off-limits to civilians, is also close by, accessed via a causeway.

For some reason today I just felt like taking a busman’s holiday and going somewhere secluded, and doing something simple and childlike, such as beachcombing for shells and seaglass.

And guess what, I found Summer Love.

My good deed for today was to stand in line at the supermarket checkout and let 5 elderly customers go ahead of me. It felt good to chat to them and ask them how their day was going. I then bought a couple of lottery tickets from the newsagents, so here’s visualising a BIG WIN!🖒
In the next few days I’ll share with you photos of the breathtaking scenery at Point Peron, and various strange and unique rock formations and other observations. 

What are the chances…

I appear to be on a streak of synchronicities and serendipitous events recently.

Today is the 3rd consecutive day that I’ve noticed good, even great things happening to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Universe! And more of the same, please! 

This morning, I decided to go online on eBay and purchase a DVD of Rhonda Byrne’s “The Secret”. I found one that cost $8 with free postage, and bought it.

A couple of hours later, just before I was due to go out, I checked my emails, and saw that the eBay seller had cancelled my order and refunded my money. She said the DVD had a long scratch on it and probably wouldn’t play smoothly. Fair enough. I was a tad disappointed, but decided to search on eBay for another copy of The Secret.

And guess what, I found one for the exact same price, but it was an Extended Version, meaning I’d be getting more content from this DVD than from the one I’d initially purchased. What a win!

Later, as I drove to the shopping mall, which was crawling with Sunday shoppers, I was lucky to find a parking spot without even looking for one…it just magically appeared in front of me as I turned my car into the carpark.

I then went into Big W department store to look for books like “The Secret”. And guess what, I found not one but TWO. And, to top it off, I found a $20 gift card in my wallet, that had been hiding there since the beginning of the year and was reaching its expiry date. So I used that to buy the 2 books, and only had to pay $8 in total. Yay, happy days! That’s my Christmas sorted for myself 😄.

Back at the carpark, I found that I didn’t even have to worry about reversing my car out of my spot, as the person who’d parked in front had vacated their spot. So I was able to drive forward and leave the carpark without any effort. Lucky me! 

After running my errands, I stopped by a Home Open to view a property. It had a lovely, secluded garden and 2 large sheds as well as a garage. But the bedrooms were tiny. Nevermind, though, I’ll keep showing up to these viewings and I know The Universe will conspire to guide me towards the right home at the right time, and make sure the circumstances are right too, so I can get ahead and move on with my life.

I was back in my car at 3:33pm and driving home, when I realised, (and you just can’t make these things up), that the song playing on the radio was Urban Cookie Collective‘s “The Key, The Secret”, which goes ♪♫ “I’ve got the Key, I’ve got the Secret, I’ve got the Key to Another Way”!! ♫♪

How’s THAT for synchronicity? Enough to send shivers up my spine!

I wonder what tomorrow will bring?