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Getting down to specifics

Looks like my little Mazda Manifesting experiment has stepped up a notch. Yesterday in my Facebook feed a contest popped up, hosted by Mazda Australia, to win a Mazda CX-5. The car in the photo was the colour I’ve “tuned in” to, Soul Red. The prize – not just the CX-5 but also $10,000 to spend.

Here’s the link to the actual competition: https://www.nextgenmazdacx5.com.au/?utm_source=organic&utm_medium=Facebook

I have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so I went for it. 

Mazda Australia sent me a reply saying:

And the photo I posted of the CX-3 I was admiring so much in the Rockingham Mazda showroom:

When Mazda Australia replied to my FB comment, my heart skipped a beat and an insanely happy thought flashed through my mind, “I just might win this thing!” 😄 And why not? Someone has to, and it might as well be ME! 

Today, I found myself parking right next to none other than a Mazda CX-5 in Soul Red.

Happy days, indeed! My dream is one step closer to becoming real! 

Thank You, Universe!! 🙇

Manifesting Mazdas

Today I had to once again go to the Courthouse to get a Justice of the Peace (JP) to witness yet another document in my divorce proceedings. 

And guess what, as I pulled into the packed car park outside the Courthouse, where was the only parking spot that was free and for me and only me?

Why, right smack bang next door to a Mazda CX3 in Soul Red. 

It’s a sure sign! 😉 Now, to start manifesting a Mazda in Soul Red into my driveway, with the keys in my hand…

And guess what? I’m so attuned to Soul Red Mazdas these days, that I noticed at least 7 or 8 today while out driving.

Jack loves Mustangs, so now I’ve suggested that he start tuning in to them to see how many start appearing on his radar. 

Today’s Law of Attraction Thought

So, I went out driving today and started noticing lots of Mazda cars in Soul Red. That’s something that I’ve started “tuning in” to recently. 

And as I drove, the thought occurred to me that if it was this easy to manifest any object of my desire into my life visually, then how much more would it take to be able to actually manifest it into my life physically, financially and legally too?